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Fort Myers Beach

Fort Myers Beach Vacations
By Caitlin Moore

A vacation on the Gulf of Mexico has a certain quality of removal and relief that’s not found just anywhere. Places like Sanibel Island, Fort Myers, Captiva and others all shine with a special brand of radiance perfectly suited for obliterating the aura of stress and tension that tends to surround the daily life of so many of us – a trip to this region guarantees a return to what’s important.

Focusing on Fort Myers Beach, once a quaint settlement only accessible by boat, it might very well be possible to craft the ideal getaway. White sands, stunning sunsets, a little bit of eco-friendliness, tons of enthralling beach and recreational activities…all the ingredients are here. Cross the bridge to this refuge of a town and prepare to feel the weight of the world lift from your shoulders.

Fort Myers Beach is known for being a well-equipped yet laid-back spot; offering all that tourists need without the overwhelming crowds and hassles of visiting a busy, buzzing magnet for travelers. Orlando and Miami aren’t too far away so a quick dip into chaos is possible if you desire, but this is the place to be if a little rest and breathing room are in order.

Diversions to look forward to include some of the best beachcombing in Florida, jet skiing, bird watching, scuba diving, outlet mall shopping and deep-sea fishing. This is just a surface level sampling, of course, as the tropical climate, fun-loving atmosphere and physical beauty of land and sea all have the power to provide so much more. Each person in a given traveling group likely has their own goals for what to see and do (or not do, if this is indeed all about forgetting and relaxing); Fort Myers Beach is ready to take on any and all expectations.

Follow Estero Boulevard to discover various points of public beach access. Just down the way is Lynn Hall Memorial Park, the place to go for families in search of bonuses like a playground. Farther north is Bowditch Point Regional Park, another gem worth taking a look it. Its rough natural beauty as well as amenities that include restrooms and picnic areas makes it a must-visit. Finally, Fort Myers Beach Fishing Pier is not only a fun gathering spot and lookout point, but a top-notch place to cast a line.

In addition to enjoying the typical activities along the coastline, check out the unique corners of interest, too. It might be hard to tear yourselves away from a prime spot on the warm sand, but it’ll be worth it. Plus, the beach will be there when you get back. Try the Ostego Bay Marine Science Center for a little family fun and education or Estero Bay Aquatic Preserve to receive an up close and personal view of the natural habitat and nearby ocean dwellers. The surrounding towns have plenty of museums and eco-tours as well, so explore the possibilities of this rich land.

Bargain shopping, nightlife and plenty of restaurants, not to mention various festivals and special events, round out Fort Myers Beach’s reputation as a solid vacation destination. Enjoy fresh seafood for breakfast, lunch and dinner (if you so desire), pick up the perfect souvenirs, enjoy a night on the dance floor…in between dolphin watching, manatee scoping, sea shelling and napping in a lounge chair there’s no shortage of “civilized” activities to engage in.

On that note, be sure to reserve a place to stay that will not only keep you housed in comfort, but in class and convenience as well. Fort Myers Vacation Rentals make an excellent choice, and often cost no more than standard hotel accommodations. Considering that condos, villas and beach houses tend to strike a different chord (with their full kitchens, Jacuzzi tubs, entertainment centers, etc…) this is good news for travelers who may not be acquainted with this particular choice. Picking a property from the extensive offerings online usually ends up being the foundation for a successful trip, no matter where it is you’ve set your sights on.

Any time of year is a good time to visit Fort Myers Beach, so clear a spot on the calendar and go for it. When properly planned and entered into with abandon, this could be just the trip to bring back the peace of mind that has lately taken a vacation itself.

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